Short Introduction
Our Mission is to provide a feature for every legit content provider to recieve micro donations for what they do, no matter if hosting a show, offer tutorials or make own music!
You can upload a file or submit a link and have it embedded on our site.
Read more and share the idea, thank you!

You have to deposit at least 10,-EUR into your account, use it for donations and still be able to use all premium features.
The minimum donation you can give is 0.01,-EUR
Show your support and add a comment to your donation, which the content provider will certainly read and maybe reply.

Content Provider
If you would like to have our official star badge for your username or want to apply unique theming or special features feel free to contact our staff team.
We are always looking forward to work with new people.

Quick Overlook
»HTTPS (SSL) enabled site
»IPv6 and HTML5 Audio/Video support
»Micro donations and a supportive community
»Videos, Sounds, Pictures, Documents & MORE

Closing Words
Share the idea